Pulee Medical R&D team adhere to polish the product quality with craftsmanship, Independently developed and produced products  PL - 800 / PL - 1000 Vein/Artery Imaging Instruments ,  have successively obtained CFDA, FDA, CE and other certifications from the highest and most authoritative certification bodies in China and the world. This illustrates the Pulee Medical research and development strength and outstanding product quality, means Pulee products are safety product certified by the authorities, It marks a great step forward for Pulee’s products...
Date: 2018 - 06 - 19
On October 13th, the world's first Vascular Imaging Instrument for Arterial Puncture was released in Qingdao, the product has developed by Qingdao PULEE Medical Technology co., LTD., jointed with Nankai University, is a specialized auxiliary device for nurses & doctors during the artery puncture, to find and identify the subcutaneous blood vessels. The meeting invited numerous medical device enterprise representatives from Shanghai, Guangdong, Hebei, Hunan, Xi 'an, Liaoning and Shandong provinces , and also attracted Qingdao Daily &&...
Date: 2017 - 10 - 18
2017 "Maker in China " Qingdao Division and the third "Mayor Cup" Huatong Capital enterprise innovation competition, PULEE Medical "Superficial Vascular Imaging Technology" project has passed the district preliminary (first), municipal rematch (first), all the way into the finals of the contest.Final SceneWang Gensheng , General Manager in the speech of “ Superficial Vascular Imaging Technology” project   On the afternoon of September 28th, 2017 “Maker in China” (Qingdao) and the third "Mayor Cup" Huatong Capi...
Date: 2017 - 10 - 18
Guangzhou Beauty EXPO, as Asia's largest fair, attracts exhibitors from all over the world at each session.  This year among dazzling brands, there is a new presence: PULEE (pl-900 special Vein Imaging Instrument for cosmetic surgery)!  PULEE Medical has always been famous for its rigor and precision R&D , and we always strive for perfection in the display of products and communication services.Flow of people ,Constant orders Although PL-900 Vein Imaging Instrument for cosmetic surgery was officially opened to the market in 2016, on the...
Date: 2017 - 09 - 07
On the afternoon of August 2,2017 Maker in China (Qingdao division) and the third "Mayor Cup" Huatong Capital enterprise innovation competition opened .  Qingdao PULEE Medical "Superficial Vascular Imaging Technology" project was invited to participate in the innovation competition.Introduce  "Superficial Vascular Imaging Technology" project  In the end, the Superficial Vascular Imaging Technology project won the first place.The organizing committee and the relevant leaders of Shibei District have issued the t...
Date: 2017 - 08 - 04
The risk of injecting beauty微整形是近些年整形美容行业里发展最快,最受患者和医生欢迎的美容项目。受患者欢迎是因为它创伤轻、恢复快,面部年轻化和美容效果立竿见影;受医生欢迎则是由于注射美容技术门槛低,收益快。正因为如此,几乎所有从事整形美容的医生和护士都进入了这个行业。甚至社会上很多没有学过医的人经过短期培训,也拿起了注射器,为求美者注射进各种各样的填充材料和肉毒毒素。 从国内整形外科六七十年的发展历程来看,这个局面绝不是什么欣欣向荣,而是危机四伏。因为微整形并非许多人想象的那么简单,更不意味着“微风险”。这一点,已经被媒体报端的诸多微整形失败案例证明过了。 从表面看,打针似乎是最简单的医疗操作,但不论是用玻尿酸还是用自体脂肪注射填充,实际上都是在做面部的形态重塑,打到哪里,打多少是极其有学问的。注射的手法,剂量,层次,不但关系着施术者的医学水平,更关乎他的审美观、审美情趣和审美标准,在三维立体空间上重塑出美丽又年轻的面容,毫无疑问对医生的艺术修养有极高要求。而注射肉毒毒素,实际上是在调节面部表情肌的肌肉力量。面对几十个表情肌,肉毒毒素注射到哪个层次,注射多少剂量,分布到哪些范围,这些都需要长时间的经验积累。动态的调节面部表情,不仅需要扎实的解剖基础,更考验着注射者的审美能力。注射美容绝非简单的打针,而是在制作一件艺术品。这就像绘画,三...
Date: 2017 - 08 - 28
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