Qingdao PULEE Medical Technology Co., LTD is a professional engaged in intelligent auxiliary medical instrument R&D, manufacture, sales and service in one of the emerging high-tech enterprises, to provide high quality and the optimal cost-effective products & services.


PULEE Medical at present main products are PL800/900/1000 series Vein Imaging Instrument, to help medical personnel quickly and easily locate veins, product technology in the domestic leading position, meanwhile PULEE Medical is developing family health management and community cloud diagnosis system and a series of high-tech health care products.


Our R&D team is composed of a group of master's and Ph.D who have many years of experience in the medical industry, the joint of Nankai University, Tianjin University, Xi 'an University of Posts and Telecommunications, Inner Mongolia Medical University, Hebei Medical University and other universities with rich scientific research and clinical resources, ensures that we have strong and comprehensive research & development ability.


We focus on advanced technology, meanwhile also pay more attention to the stability of product quality.  From the beginning of the design, the reliability of the product is considered, and standardized production is strictly implemented in the production process, to ensure the quality of products. Let dealers to sell our products with confortable, and customers to use it with rest assured.


PL800/900/1000 series of Vein Imaging Instrument products have been used in many hospitals and cosmetology clinics since promoted in market, and have received good evaluation and feedbacks from many medical staffs.PULEE has participated in kinds of domestic medical academic discussion or conference and professional medical equipment exhibition, received many requests of product or R&D demand orders already . 

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